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Welcome and thank you for visiting our page. We hope you enjoy reading more about The Rings of Eden and the

author T. C. Stinson.

He says: "As a professional Author, I strive to create a world of Christian fantasy filled with faith, prayer and adventure. While reading my books and my blogs be prepared for moments of faith, laughter, tears, action and prayer. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and having the opportunity to turn it into a fulfilling career has always been a personal goal. The Eden series is my first series, it was fun to write and I think it's exciting to read.

     "I started writing as a teenager, short stories, children's books, plays, prose, a few poems, skits, a couple songs and finally, many years later: Eden the series. 

     My inspiration for Eden came from reading the Bible and a variety of authors throughout my life. Including material that followed the footsteps of Jesus, books like Love Does (Bob Goff) and the Shack (William Paul Young), fantasy fiction from Tolkien, Rowling and Lewis have all inspired me to write the Eden Series.

     "I've been the Youth leader at my church for many years and have written numerous skits and a couple of plays for the groups. I've often written for young adults and have used that experience to write The Rings of Eden.

     "I live in southeast Michigan, I married my wife Julie in 1987, we have four grown children and six grandchildren. I enjoy Detroit Tiger games, watching college sports and action, comedy, and fantasy movies.   

     "I hope you enjoy The Rings of Eden -"War in the Remnant Forest" the first book in the Eden series. My next book "Demons in the White Forest" will be available in 2023 the final book "Angels in the United Forest" will be available in 2024. Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments regarding the Eden series. I’d love to hear from you."

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