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A Little about Rings of Eden

War in the Remnant Forest

Zak and Sarah, twins who were born with the ability to summon a Mighty Angel, volunteer to go on a mission to a hidden forest to rescue their cousins from Sargon, the prince of the dark world. During their mission they meet a Saint, a Magi, Minanites (half men named for their size), and many others. They learn about the bushes of fire, secret scrolls, the Remnant Forest, the Rings of Eden, a king, and his rag-tag army from three-thousand years ago and much more.


The twins and their Mighty Angel must fight many types of demons, Iscariots, Synisters, Horrids and Krymsins and face-off against Sargon and Cyrus the dark princes of Hades.


Zak and Sarah and their Mighty Angel travel through the Crossing that’s riddled with Iscariots, escape from shadow demons from inside a living bridge, keep from drowning in a demon created whirlpool and take a leap of faith into the Remnant Forest. Join them as they swim through underwater caverns, search for a three-story heart in a hidden sanctuary deep inside a mountain, rescue their cousins from a demon mine, swordfight Horrids, climb a mountain to get to the City of Levi and help defend the tribesmen of the forest against Sargon’s Reign of evil from the dark world.

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